Stainless steel electric motors.

Standard Stainless Steel Hygienic motors FP2SS


The Dertec AC Stainless steel motors form part of our continues search for motor options in this moisture and bacteria sensitive industry. We have managed to create a product that can be used under the most common and demanding operating conditions. The design is smooth and round, to limit dirt accumulation to a minimum. Dertec Stainless steel motors are supplied with official Dertec CE and Dertec UL/CSA registration. (UL number: E506337)


Available from stock in frame sizes from IEC56 up to IEC160. Available options: foot mounted or flange mounted. Available with a brake or an encoder for speed and position control. IP Protection classes IP66/IP67 or IP69 are standard or possible options. Enhanced sealing technologies are available to extend the motors lifetime in extreme applications and mounting conditions. (i.e. Outputshaft vertical up).

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Specs & versions

The main features are:

  • Complete smooth and round housing in polished 304 stainless steel. No coatings to flake off

  • Easy-clean, round, well-seated terminal box

  • All mounting surfaces fitted with O-Rings

  • Locknuts with capnuts and bonded seals or O-rings with capnuts.

  • Model designation lasered on the housing so no dirt build-up on the model plate

  • IE3, IP66, ISO F as standard, IP67 and / or IP69 on request

  • Maxe with special aerators for extreme conditions

  • Standard made with PTC’s and Klixon relays

  • Available with flange B5, B14a or feet B3

  • Available in 9 sizes: IEC 56 to IEC 160

  • Sizes 63, 71 and 80 available with special shaft/flange combination for mounting on SEW drives

  • Designs up to IEC 90 TENV (IC410) housing (TENV without heatsink)

  • Designs from IEC90 TEFC (IC411) and larger housings (TEFC with heatsink)



bevel gearbox fka am

Totally enclosed non ventilated (TENV)

Best hygienic solution for motors up to 1.1 Kw

bevel gearbox fka am

Totally enclosed fan cooled

Fan cooled motor for high power output motors


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