Already in 2007 Dertec designed and produced their first Stainless Steel motors.Since than many  thousands of the original DERTEC stainless steel motors have been produced and sold. Thanks to our customers and our agents the DERTEC stainless motor has become an icon and is welknown for its quality. 


When a product is succesfull there is always a threat of fake copies trying to mislead the market. Dertec lookalikes are available in the market, these fake motors do not perform as you can expect from a Dertec Stainless motor. Dertec stainless steel motors have specific different technical differences by which they can perform as our customers like them to perform. Every Dertec motor is assembled with the best parts in our Dutch assembling plant. The Dertec motor is dutch designed, has a Dutch CE and an official Dutch UL/CSA registration. 

Fake motors have none of these typical Dertec values and have no valid CE certfication and no valid UL certification. Dertec Stainless motors have officlal UL/CSA certification and carry an Official and Dutch CE declaration.

Fake copies only look like the Dertec Stainless motors but have a different technical setup. We stronlgy advise our customers to be aware of fake !

The pending situation asks for our immediate action to assure our quality name and values.

Quality and brand value are important issues for Dertec that is why we will introduce a completely new designed Stainless motor. The typical new looks show that is a real DERTEC motor. 

Starting from Q2 2020 Dertec motors  will be renamed Dertec Signature line and have a complete new makeover.

The new look will be completed step by step but will carry the following hygienic Design properties : 

  • Blue Hygienic seal between the motortube and the bearingshields. ( hygienic acc. to EHEDGE ) 
  • New designed round terminalbox. 360 Degrees turnable and made with hygienic seals ( acc. to EHEDGE) 
  • New designed endshield fasteners ( acc. to EHEDGE ) 
  • New Protectionclasses between IP66 . IP 67 and IP699 > Please contact our salesteam for a complete and correct expanation about the difference between te mentioned IP Classes 
  • Warning : IP69(K) is not always what the customer really  needs …. ( there is a lot of misunderstanding in the market… )  
  • While our other values and quality remain the same we have given the DERTEC a complete make over to keep its number 1 position.

Please contact our sales department or your local agent for further information.

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