Electric motors.

Dol PM synchronous motors

Dertec DOL PM synchronous motors are the future when speaking about energy efficiency. Today the world is searching for energy use and CO2 reduction. Dertec DOL PM Synchronous motors offer high efficiency of average of 92%. DOL means Direct Online (also called line start). The Dertec motors can be used without
An (expensive) inverter to start up. However if one needs an inverter for an specific application the motor can also be used in cooperation with an inverter.

PM motors offer Synchronic run, high efficiency (also at partial load) and a high Cos Phi (average of 0.92). Dertec PM Synchronous motors are an undoubtly economic choice and can be assembled with Dertec gearboxes. We like to suggest a combination of Dertec FKM Hypoid bevel gearbox to take advantage of the highest efficiency levels!

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Specs & versions


Dertec DOL Synchronous PM motors are available in frame size IEC71 up to IEC90. Available motor powers are 0.37, 0.55, 0.75, 1.1 and 1.5 kW at 1500 Rpm. DOL motors can be connected to the power source and will start up without an inverter. The use of Permanent magnets and a smart design of a squirrel cage rotor makes it possible to start up these motors without the use of an inverter. Due to the construction of these motors they offer a high efficiency (up to IE5).


Important advantages of these motors are:

  • High efficiency, also at partial load.
  • High Cos Phi, also at partial load.
  • Synchronous speed of 1500 Rpm.


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