BKD speed ball variators

In 2014 Dertec has taken over the activities of the German producer BKD Drives. As a result of this take over all activities are being relocated to Dertec in The Netherlands.


Dertec produces and sells this unique motor variator system. The main customers are in specific industries such as mixing and stirring of paint or chemicals. In this specific industry frequency inverters are (because of ATEX environment) not commonly used.


Dertec BKD Speed ball variators can be supplied according to ATEX and offer a safe solution in this industry, besides this specific industry these variators are also being used in more common solutions.


For the food industry Dertec offers also a Stainless Steel version to cover the needs of this group of customers.


With the ability to regulate the output speed from ZERO to MAX this variator offers an interesting solution for different industries.

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Specs & versions


The main features are:

  • Outputspeed n₂ adjustable from zero to 0,5 x n₁. (n₁ = input speed)

  • Speed can be adjusted at standstill

  • IEC motor adaption

  • ATEX acc. to machinery directive 2014/34/EU

  • Available in 4 Sizes KR1, KR2, KR3, KR4

  • Inputpower up to 2.2 kW at 3000 Rpm

  • Output torque up to 20 Nm



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